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Kingdom of Discord

(This IS Almaz from Disgaea's hard to find male anime characters for fantasy-ish things)
Daxter is an old friend of Marx who seems to come and go in their past.  But after becoming head knight, he left on a journey of self discovery, commiting several selfless acts.  Marx's main goal in this escepade is to locate him but he's harder to hold onto than a greased pig at a barbeque...when they DO manage to get there in time.  They always seem to JUST miss him.
You wanna know who she is?  Well, guess what.  So do we.  She's an absolute mystery.  One thing is well known about her.  She wears a creepy black dress...okay now seriously.  She seems to be well skilled at using just about every kind of magic imaginable.  How is this known?  She bashed on an entire army of monsters alone in the forest while Marx and Tsubasa were much do you want to bet she knew they were there?
Soooo...who is he?  He doesn't seem to do anything at all...oh wait, he saved Marx and Tsubasa from an embarrassing thrashing once...using...MARN?  He's a Marn Master of some sort and that's all that anyone knows.
This girl is mysterious and sinister.  Where she comes from is unknown.  Her motives...unknown.  She came from no where one day and began following Marx and Company before finally confronting them as the head of a master guild.  The guild was a skilled band of thieves calling themselves Marn Hunters. What her connection is to the events beforehand is, of course, unknown.
Dianna is an adventurer and known for being a guildmaster.  She left her guild, however, after meeting Tsubasa and Marx who interested her in some way.  Helping them reach the next town, she found later that she had to see someone and they were going in that direction so she tagged along with them.  Dianna is generally kind but also a fearsom combatant.  One with Nature, she calls on birds numerous times for help.  Many say that her voice is magic as it brings in any bird she calls, even ones are large or rare as Hawks, Eagles, and Condors.
Ninja-Girl, Kate, is a top class martial  She is a bit over confident and shows off a lot but she gets the job done.  Her desire to be the greatest ninja ever drives her but she's interrupted when Marx and Tsubasa clash with the Knights in her hometown and the ninja dojo is ruined.  In an act of honor, she takes off to try and get Marx back to fix the dojo and to prove herself.
Eileen is the last of the prophet sisters and blind in her right eye.  Her visions are short but potent and usually show emotional aspects of a tale.  Like her sisters, she is quiet and calm...usually.  The differene is that she is a bit accident prone and often overreacts when she slips up.
The second and blondest of the prophet triplets, Nicolette is blind in her left eye.  It is through this eye that she recieves her visions.  Her visions are shorter but often tell more.  Like her sisters, she is always cool, calm, and collecting so that she may control her visions more accurately.
Margarette is one of the three prophets of Amancia.  Of the triplets, Margarette is most well known.  Unlike her two blonde sisters, Margarette's hair is blue...naturally.  This isn't strange for elves but the three sisters are all human.  However, she is also blind in BOTH eyes.  Her vision is based on an extremely acute sense of hearing and smell.  Her visions, when combined with those od her sisters, can make whole stories of the future.  Individually, her visions are longer but usually are more abstract.
Better known to most as Iron Knight, Rodrick is an elite knight from the Capitol City, sent out by the king and queen after Marx.  He is the best sword in the land as far as most know but Marx believes it to onyl be hype and there's bound to be someone better.  While he holds nothing personal against Marx, he is a man of his word and vowed to return Tsubasa to the Capitol City.
Edward is a treasure hunter and his friend, Tifa, is an elf.  She follows him out of sheer ignorance as she's the mindset of a newborn and is hardly able to put words together.  Her infantile charm and cuteness tends to be manipulated by Ed but he trul y does care for her, at least to SOME extent.  If anyone were to hurt him, however, Tifa isn't to be underestimated.  She's like a large baby bodyguard.  Her magical ability it among the most powerful of any elf.
Edward and Tifa
Zeke is a well knwon street performer and is skilled at juggling.  He can juggle anything, including knives, balls, swords, you name it, he juggles it.  He is also skilled at using this art as a fighting style, often using up to six weapons at one time by simply throwing several up into the air, switching between weapons every time one drops to his hands.
Alicia once lived in the Capitol City but she left after the law was passed, forbidding anyone but Marn Masters and Marn Keepers from having Marn.  Alicia is neither, however she is an expert in water magics and her Marn Bracelet allows her the mana possible to perform such magics.  Her only goal in life is to be an entertainer, performing magic that no one else can.
The Marn Master of Grabad, Maggie is incredibly intelligent and finds fire amusing as well.  Her obsession with Marn is rivaled by no other.  Even if in the middle of a fight she may stop to examine a Marn that her opponent is using.  She doesn't overlook a single detail of any Marn.
Cascada is a Marn Master in training.  In the events spawned from Tsubasa's elleged kidnapping, she'd grown angry with Marx for his "Crime".  In the thick of night, she set out to find and rescue her friend, only to get sucked into an adventure far greater than what she'd hoped to endeavor.
Master of Shadow Magic, Marx is notorious for quitting his job as Marn Keeper to pursue a life of leisure.  He is easy going and rarely shows much thought in his actions.  However, he is so skilled at using Shadow Magic, that he's hard to beat.  After breaking into the Capitol City's Castle to have a "Chat" with the head knight, he found that several grudge holding knights wanted some payback and they falsely and knowingly accused him of breaking and entering.  In his haste to escape, he met Tsubasa who helped him escape but this only made him a fugitive now that he'd kidnapped someone.
Marx "The Shadow Man"
From the Capitol City comes, Tsubasa, an eager, innocent, kind hearted, though often a bit flighty, young girl.  Swept away into this adventure by accident when she was seen aiding Marx "The Shadow Man" who she didn't know was a fugitive.  She willingly tags along with him though it's widely believed that he'd kidnapped her.
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