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Kingdom of Justice

The eldest of the children in the church of Klouse brigade, Landon is even more overconfident that Ash.  He tends to shirk off training and chores to go lounge (Or flirt with girls...specifically Ratchet and her friends)
Sybil is a rather distant girl from Spectil and is rather quiet.  She has a knack for drawing the attraction of men...without even trying or meaning to.
A rather persistent pair, intent on causing trouble for everyone, so it seems.  Blair is very forceful and vain where Pierce is rather egotistic and muscle headed.  It is because of this that Blair relies more heavily on magic and her counterpart prefers close range and weaponry.  Blair has notably been compared to witches very frequently though it tends to annoy her as she isn't one.
Blair and Pierce
As what is probably the most insane witch in all of witch turf, Gemini is well known as the entertainer.  She apparently is a twin but her sister died before she was born and her mind thrives within Gemini as Enigma.  Where Gemini is over-excitable and fun, Enigma is vengeful and dark.
Another of the witches in Witch Turf.  She's a bit protective and isn't very trusting of outsiders considering how frequently they try to off her and her "sisters".  Blank is notably not very fond of arrogance and it very outspoken as well as quick witted.  She can mow someone down in seconds with only her cutting words.
Regal is the head of the Church of Klouse.  He cares dearly for the children of the church and their safety.  He is also director of the Balastian knights.  His nephew, the ever loyal Glare, is one of the higher ranking knights, carrying out high priority Imperial Missions.
Regal and Glare
Darrian is from Spectil and has been tasked with keeping an eye on Kid.  Always dead serious and to the point, Darrian has developed a rather good reputation as a quick blade and knows artes of many elements.
When you're the eldest witch and the leader of them, you have choices to make. rather indecisive.  She's unsure of herself and rather fickle.  She is, however, one of the most powerful witches.
Rein has a documented history of growing very violent very quickly if ever left alone in a dark place.  It is for this reason that she's been taken advantage of as a secret weapon around the youth watch in the Balastia Church of Klouse.  She is rather damaged and doesn't speak often.
So to be a Neko is bad, to be a witch is bad, to be BOTH is just ridiculous.  It's almost like Sam's parents only wanted to see if they could really make things so difficult for their daughter that she opts never again to see the light of day.  In any case, that isn't what happened.  Samantha is a rather strange...even for a witch.  She doesn't even seem capable of not talking in riddles.
What does it mean to be Void?  It means you're a witch who doesn't know what to do with herself.  Ever bored and always on the prowl for something to do, Void was struck by curiosity when came the strangers to witch turf.
Danielle is just about the most unlucky human being alive.  She is jinxed.  When she thinks nothing can get any worse, Mew brings a stampede of monsters and her bag is trampled, crushing all of the contents inside.  But seeing Mew cry after saving her life, she decided to help her out and find Mew's lost sister.
A witch and a rather flighty one.  Sky is rather distant and hardly ever on the same page as any of the others.  The one saving grace is the ridiculous power her spells seem to pack.
Mew is the younger of the two Neko-Sisters.  When Bethany, her older sister, goes missing and she meets Danielle, she sets out to find her.  However, since a Neko is technically a type of monster, she's gotten wound up in this entire issue.
Mew and Bethany
Ratchet is a Balastian Priestess-In-Training.  She is fairly skilled at medical procedures and healing Magics and Artes.  She is also somewhat skilled with a blade, herself.
Carr is a mysterious young man from parts unknown.  He is as skilled with a blade as Marshall and Kris combined though he rarely speaks.
Kris is a knight of Staton Isle and apparently the best.  He isn't all too trusting and may come across as harsh.  But it is to be expected when you're father was killed by monsters in a raid when you were young.  His mother had to leave him in the hands of others as a child to support him and since then he has been in training as a knight so that he can slay the cretins.  He's also a rather accomplished user of fire Artes.
Marshall is a well respected knight in the Imperial Guard of Balastia.  He is looked up to by the other young knights and children of the Church of Klouse.  He has trained them in combat and medicine himself.
This mysterious witch doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the whole situation.  She first showed up trying to wipe out the Church of Klouse...nooot a good sign.
A peculiarly up-beat young woman (with a monstrous crush on Ash), Emerald is a rather intelligent individual and wise.  She tends to switch between a typical boy crazy teenager (REALLY Boy crazy) and a wise big sister.  Coming from the world of Staton Isle.
Imperial Defender of the Kingdom or Balastia (Self Proclaimed), Ash is confident in his abilities (Perhaps too confident).  He is also naive enough to believe just about anything his superiors tell him...unless it's just absolutely ridiculous anyway.
Shi is Chi's body double, made by Chi to do all of the stuff she doesn't feel like doing.  What Chi lacks in manners, Shi more than makes up for.  She is kind and polite as well as quiet and obedient.  She's also capable of using magic like Chi is.
Chi-Too "Shi"
Don't let her small size and innocent gaze fool you.  Chi is a devious little witch with a knack for making things difficult.  She's sneaky and rather outspoken.  Her cute looks are only a lure.
This little guy is about the most bighearted bugger in all of Spectil.  He may be small but don't let it fool you.  He's a champion.  Oh, but to be on the safe side, don't mention his height.  He's a bit insecure.
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