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Kingdom of Penance

A rather wild girl who speaks in rather frayed sentences.  This is not a product of lacking intelligence, however.  She has her own language which she often trails into speaking when annoyed.  She is very excitable and erratic to go with her boundless bravery (Or stupidity.  Either one)
A weakling of the mountain kingdom of Aea, Cole was inspired yy the wars to become a knight.  However, he is ultimately shunned by all knightly tables.  This is highly due to his physical standing as he is averaged at best.  He is also prone to stutter and appears less regal that would be desired of a knight.  He also gets nervous rather easily.
Azure is shy and very quiet, known to trail off in thought and usually in the worst possible times.  However, she is also fairly popular in Attilan, being a talented nurse in the infirmary.
Maze is an eager and confident young lady from Soleste.  She is a fun and outgoing girl with a strong sense of justice.  She values all life and prides herself in her ability to care for others.  While she prefers not to act violently, she knows that there will be situations in which it cannot be helped.  She is a talented healer but is most skilled at using her spinners.
She appeared in the newly built Citadel within Soleste.  She is an amnesiac.  She's notably very dark and prefers to be left alone.  She also possesses peculiar abilities.
He's not a Demon Lord yet he has been seen with the Demon Lord.  He isn't a member of the new Illuminati yet he has released several demons.  Who IS he?
She is capable of understanding the language of the plants and animals.  She is often used to translate animals like Locke and Nana.  She isn't shy like Azure but she is quiet.  When she does speak, it is often very poetic.
The Carrier of Death and apparent follower of the new Demon Lord
The mysterious masked Demon Lord whose motives are not fully known.
Locke is Tera's pet dog and a surprisingly skilled Warrior.  He carries a small blade in the pouch on his shoulder and when he needs it, he holds it in his mouth.  He is known for not liking anyone but Tera though is fond of Zephyr.  He seems frightened of uncomfortable with Kay for some reason.  He often runs away from her whenever she tries to pet him or speak to him.
Terrence is from the Southern Region but became a knight in the eastern region after the regional war had ended.  He'd become good friends with the mages two from the previous installment and has since journeyed to the Western region to visit another friend of his but it wasn't long before he was dragged into the entire conflict.
Tera is the head bodyguard to the Royal Family in the Kingdom of the Sea.  She is a wise yet eccentric swordswoman who's always happy to teach others should they need it.  In battle, she's as fierce as a jungle cat.
Ryce is a notorious thief in the Desert Kingdom.  But he's more of a white knight thief.  Sure, he'll steal something valuable from, say, a treasury...but then he'll go and steal things from thieves who don't know what they have.  They're usually powerful artifacts, too.  When he's framed by one master thief, he skips town...for a bit longer than he'd anticipated.  His signature is called Thief's Honor.  After exchanging some witty banter with his foe, he wraps his chain blade around them and yanks, reeling them in.  When they're close enough, he launches them into the air with an uppercut.
Lunesta is a mysterious girl whose appearence is assumed to be related to the transformation of the Earthbound Goddesses.  She has come off as everything from thief to heroine and it is never made clear whose side she is truly on.  The one clear thing is that she ISN'T on the side of the Illuminati as she's been seen attacked and attacking several of their demons and flunkies.
Kay is a girl from the Eastern Region.  She never cared about the Regional War in the slightest way but she did wish to know more about the demon war.  Her mentor, Wallace, has alerted her of the Illuminati's return.  It is her undying mission to end them and the new Demon Lord, whoever he may be beneath the mask.  She is kind and brave as well as a strong fighter.
Zephyr is a headstrong warrior with a short temper and a contempt the weak, who appeared in a mountain village one day, fighting off a multitude of monsters alone.  Since then she has been wandering the region in search of mightier opponents.
Found in the midst of the Siyu Desert near the Goddess' shrine, passed out, Iris is a little ball of energy.  Despite her age, she really tries to act like a adult.
Cloud is an ex-knight of the forest kingdom and formerly a protector of the royal family.  He is sarcastic and easy going but he is also humble and knows his limits.  He is fond of studying those around him to observe their strengths and weaknesses as well.
Archer is a knight in the Kingdom of Soleste, otherwise known as the Kingdom of the Sun and second home to the Sun  Goddess, Solarus.  He is the new knight commander after Lucas left in the first installment.  He is a noble man  with exceptional swordsman and hand-to-hand combat skills.
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