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Kingdom of Treason

Malice is one of the Elo Village Elite Guard and is the only of them that employs martial arts and other physical tactics as opposed to archery or magic.  She is a close friend of Thorn's and goes voluntarily with Thorn and her allies on their adventure.
An elf sent with Thorn on her quest by Balder.  Sickle is characterized by a sharp tongue and sadistically playful demeanor.  She is sent by Balder to go with Thorn and find Klea.  Apparently it is to be taught a lesson.  Who better for the job than Thorn?  She was apparently also one of the candidates to become the new High Mistress.
The Impossible Huntress is every bit as immature as Crescia. However, the young elf is about four times as energetic with excellent apptitude with a bow and arrow. She lingers around in the forest, relaxing in trees usually.
Klea is a smart-mouthed heretic and bounty hunter who is very skilled at archery.  She is also looking to start a guild.  She's got a bit of an ego and may come across as not too bright at times but she's actually rather clever.
Thorn is an Elf Scout from Elo on a mission to retrieve something for Gwendolyn.  However, Balder has asked her to also find the young womann named Klea.  Thorn is skilled at using shields as weapons.  Her shield was forged for her by a dwarf blacksmith whom she befriended after rescuing.  She is also a researcher and has taken the education of the others as her responsibility.  She will often begin to daydream or fantasize when so much as thinking about acquiring fresh knowledge and tends to get poetic.
While he may act like a cynical jerk, Cane is as soft as a marshmellow.  Don't underestimate him, though.  He's deadly with his twin swords and he's skilled at creating elaborate plans.  His past is sketchy but this Losylvanian has had several run-ins with the royal family, many from within handcuffs or behind bars.
Sworn to protect the Volcanic Kingdom, Lance will do anything to serve royalty be it for the Losylvanian Princesses or any high authority from any other kingdom. It is this that has caused several problems for him in the past when came tests of loyalty considering he has no one true loyalty.
Overly confident and ever learning, Lucas only wants to be the best knight in the Kingdom of Soleste.  He is a decent swordsman and marksman but his true talent is in his mouth.  He can annoy even Ice Soldiers, which are nearly mindless, into a rage that puts them at a disadvantage.  The same mouth that Arina has is used as a valuable weapon in his case.  He's also equally as hotheaded as she and
Hela's dream is to become a Town Mage.  Her apptitude for Metal Type Magic is immense and her drive is greater.  Her best friend, Crescia often gets into trouble but the two of them usually manage to work it out as friends do.  Hela is also the daughter of the Kingdom's Head Knight.
Crescia is a somewhat clueless and childish girl.  Her dream is to be a FreeLance Mage along with her friend, Hela.  Hela, however, wishes to be a Town Mage and often tells Crescia to get her head out of the clouds.  What Crescia lacks in raw power, she makes up for with determination.
Young Adventurer, Ven, is mysterious in all ways.  He rarely speaks though when he does it is usually a word of wisdom.  He seems to have been through more than anyone could image as displayed by the many scars down his front.
Wallace is a Priest whose undying mission is to rid the world of the demons.  But as the threat grows, he learns he isn't enough and help is, in fact, a necessity.  Despite this, Wallace is a powerful Priest and known for using high level Light Magic.
Princess of the Volcanic Kingdom, Pyra is brave, adventurous, and mature.  Her desire to be as good a queen as possible come her time is unrivaled and her sisters know it.  Her knowledge of magic is also exceptional, especially fire magics.  She is a very skilled swordswoman and may be one of the best that isn't a Knight.
Fiesty and headstrong, Arina is the ultimate hothead.  She's quick witted and while new to being a Knight, she's a strong combatant with nearly any weapon.  In high pressure situations, however, she tends to shoot off at the mouth.
A Knight in the Forest Kingdom and Lei's trusted bodyguard, Kim is all things a fearsome warrior should be.  She's brilliant, quick, and virtually fearless.  Her elegance knows no bounds either.  Rather than traditional swords, she dances beautifully with her steel bladed fans to tear through her foes.  She also doesn't wear traditional Knight's armor and prefers a Kimono as she's seen in visions of Parallel worlds.  She is also commonly seen as apathetic and on occasion emotionless.  However, there are a few things that would succeed in stirring her emotions.  She chalks this up as emotions being a barrier that debilitates the mind and body.  Thus firm regulation is required of them.
Princess of the Forest Kingdom, Lei is a well educated young woman of 18.  She patiently awaits her day at the throne, stating that she hopes her parents have a long life, possibly hinting that she doesn't wish to be queen.  While she is very responsible and "Down to Earth", she is also somewhat strong willed and at times comes across as TOO independent.
The Demigod Daughter of Glacia, Celcius is the opposite of her spiteful mother in every way.  She is kind hearted and sincere.  Her powers aren't even comparable to Glacia's but she can muster up enough strength to control at least 1 Ice Golem.  She is shy at times but her ultimate goal is to make her mother see the error in her ways.
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