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Kingdom of Vengeance

Demi is a personal friend of Leila's who opts to accompany her on her adventure.  She's a quite, but by no means shy, girl.  She just has difficulty getting the proper words together.  She isn't much of a fighter at heart but her talent with twin blades is stunning.
A powerful mind mage based on what's been seen of her.  She's been a help in many situations, even stopping a hoard of monsters from rampaging through Rod's village.
Ryo is a young boy, travelling on a quest of reinvention.  He's seen throughout both regions and has had several entertaining adventures.  But he also harbors secrets even he wishes not to tell.
The opposite of her sister, Freea, in every way, Kiva is an excellent mage and very sarcastic, not to mention loud if she wants to be.  She only travels with her because she was helping her leave town and they found themselves being chased by Devilhounds.
Freea was kicked out of her town for being a nuisance.  She's a mage and not a very good one.  People fear her simply because she's just terrible.  The sad part being that she's actually a timid and kind person.
Gabby has mastered her own element of magic known as Color Magic.  Using her paintbrush-like staff, she can create spawns to do anything she desires as well as perform several other magical feats such as "draw" up solid structures, duplicates of herself, or even manipulate the Ink on a mildly hydrokinetic level.  She is the only mage in the world who can perform her unique brand of magic.
Belzelga, or "Zelli", is a budding young mage and her specialty is matters of the mind.  Her cute looks often make foes hesitate to strike but if that isn't enough, her mind controlling spells work.  She also has this acute ability to make people fall in love with her using magic.  While young and young minded, Belzelga is actually much older than she appears and likes to hold this over peoples' heads.
Tyrr is Leila's teacher and "nanny".  Most men fail to resist her..."gifts" but she stands to reject them all.  She's very independant and prefers not to think of herself as a rather "alluring" trophy or eye-candy. (Name Pronounced Tear)
Neko is an elf and not a Neko but one could easily mistake her for a bird or cat thanks to her grace and swiftness on her feet.  She's also commonly referred to by her peers as Eagle-Eye because of her deadly percision.  She is a personal friend of Rod and knows much more than she'd like people to know.
Rod is a level headed village leader in the cross region.  He's ever uncorruptable and entirely loyal to his duties.  He got to be so because he fought in a region-wide war and became a hero before eventually founding his village in the mountains.
A Neko from the region across the sea whose dreams often depict possible futures.  While those futures are never fact, set in stone, she will always warn if any outcome is negative.
Easily the most out of control and bumbling law officer in the parallel region, Kokoro goes nowhere without her Yokoyoko Hammer which she seems capable of storing in her back pocket, out of sight despite its massive size.  But when she pulls it out, everyone knows to head for the hills.
What Bliss lacks in people skills, she makes up for in raw power.  Cero's cousin is highly intelligent and very skilled at using healing magic.  She's also very protective of their home and resents outsiders, specifically from the cross region.
Cero is a member of a tribe of winter elves from the region across the sea.  She's an elegant dancer and holds some connections to the winter spirits through the markings drawn on her body when she was a child.
Bell is a cheery young girl and a member of the Casanima Circus as an acrobat.  She's also a talented martial artist and has proven to be about as flexible as a rubberband.  Her speed and agility are unrivaled.
Hector is another member of Yurika and Kato's Monster Hunting Clan.  The difference is that he's a wild card and really doesn't play by the rules of the guild.  He's more sympathetic yet fierce at the same time, resulting in many mixed emotions regarding him.
Without a doubt the most needlessly murderous pirate alive, Iris is a part of Blaq's crew of all female pirates.  Her swordsmanship is thought to be unrivaled but her temper is what's worse.  When angered, she enters a blind fury that'd make the Hulk look calm.
Ironically, Blaq is the most feared pirate alive...and she's female...noooot common.  But she's also completely heartless and rarely needs to speak.  Her glare alone can strike fear into the hearts of the toughest pirates (except concious lacking Bastian who remains her arch rival)
Bastian's right hand and probably as skilled a pirate as he, Cecille is fearless, tough, fiesty, and remorseless.  She's a natural with a sword.  One noteworthy factor about her though is that if she sees a weak person, especially a girl, she'll stop at nothing to either help them get over it (whether or not they ask for it) or she'll make your life a nightmare.  It's because people always told her what she could and couldn't do because she was a girl...well...look at her now.
A member of Bastian's crew, Sari wants nothing more than to be a real pirate so she acts tough and bigger than she is but it's just not her...and Bastian, being one of the greatest pirates alive (despite public opinion) knows this so he keeps her with the task of cleaning the ship and other odd jobs.
A big name around the Pirate Town Negrid, Bastian is tough and to the point.  Anyone who says otherwise would wish he'd just give them a bullet to the head.  Bastian is also notably "insane" and has a little bit of an ego.
A wealthy, well educated, and womanizing man, Shun was one of the few who helped to save the world during the last crisis.  Being an old classmate and rival of Bass, he is a valuable ally dspite his inability to control himself around gorgeous women.
Leila is the Princess of Imperia and a talented young girl.  She is capable of entering the Spirit World using an astral form and can take one person with her as well.  But she's neglected to tell any of her family whatsoever.  In fact, only her teacher knows of her abilities.  She is the pride of Imperia, well mannered and generous, as well as level headed.
While a mage, Rune is well known for using kinetic magic to make swords of pure energy.  She is excellent at most forms of swordplay and has earned herself a title in the Elgem Kingdom as Senior Mage.
Royce's partner, Noble is adventurous and rebellious.  He's good at swordplay and decent in gunmanship as well.  His enthusiasm knows almost no bounds.  But he's frequently called out on being the youngest, smallest, and virtually the weakest knight.  Ultimately, Royce decides it'd be a learning experience to go out on an adventure.
Royce is a noble and well known knight in Imperia.  He is reasonable and well mannered.  His devotion to the Imperian princess goes without rival and his swordsmanship is undeniable.  He is a friend of Train's missing older brother as well.
A passionate fighter and treasure hunter, Lucia is a determined young woman from Grabadd.  She is heavily interested in Train's glove for some reason.
Leader of the same monster hunting guild as Yurika, Kato is truly remorseless and would even hunt people if given the job to.  While a monster hunting guild, the Blood Talons have developed a reputation as a top-class bounty hunters guild.  Kato is allegedly the one who kidnapped Kiki for a mysterious client.
As a member of a guild of monster hunters, Yurika is cold and utterly relentless.  She is also rather easily annoyed and has a temper.  She is the newest member of the guild and has yet to fully prove herself which is why she tries so hard to impress her peers.
Eli is a mysterious swordsman and apparently a traveller.  His interest in the events circulating Train and co. seem to hint some form of knowledge as to what's going on.
Rukia is a curious...and directionally challenged explorer.  She has an issue with reading maps and often leads her allies in completely wrong directions to their goals.  This often results in some unexpected adventures before they even get close to their objective.
Train's Step-Sister is a Neko and a mischievous little girl.  She's very fun-loving but also good at talking to animals and even calling them from a distance.  In combat, she tends to call on ferocious animals such as wolves or bears.  She can even communicate with some monsters such as devilhounds.  But she was kidnapped and now Train's set off to find her.
Train's mentor and friend, Bass is a lenient one with a leadership quality about him.  However, he doesn't care much for rules and it's because of this that he left the imperial knights of their kingdom.  Bass accompanies Train on his adventure and teaches him plenty of things along the way.
Train awoke one night and his house had been ransacked.  His step-sister had also been kidnapped.  Not to mention the fact that there was a mysterious glove on his left hand.  He finds a note telling him to go to the kingdom of Palmacosta.  And so began his journey.  He isn't much of a warrior but he's being taught by his mentor in the way of the sword.
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