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Kingdom's Eternity

Chloe is a tomboy with a peculiar pet.  No one's entirely sure what it is but it's strange looking and breathes fire...oookaaay.  She was one of the first to greet the Flight 17 highschoolers.
Chloe and Scratch
Sapphires "Caretaker" Android is very protective of her despite her keen ability to take care of herself.  She is notable defensive and apparently very heavily armed...for a nanny-drone.
Sapphire is a curious little girl who'd stowed away, with her android friend's help, on Flight 17.  She's adventurous for her age and is a good friend to the likes of Mini.  Her necklace sees to have some sort of magical power, however.  She apparently had no parents long before Day-0 and has been getting by in the world with Annie (Her conveniently named Android) who apparently found her as an infant, abandoned and alone.
Nelson and Thirteen are a snoopy pair and often trail the kids in search of some adventure.  Nelson plays camera-man while Thirteen attempts to get the scoop of a lifetime.
Nelson & Thirteen
So...where do all these people with strange powers or whatever come from?
Whaaaat?  He's not a Demon Lord but...what in the world?
This lady isn't even human...what she IS is a mystery.  But she seems to enjoy watching over the children as if just a bystander.
Well...she appeared in the lot on Day 0 and boarded Flight 11 then the children ran into her several times on Pseudo-Earth but she's notfully understood as far as who she is or how she seems to just magically appear out of thin air at times.
L.A.N.A is an accronym for Logistic Automaton and Networking other words, she's a fancy android.  She's also a bit...odd.  Her ability to learn has allowed her to adapt some human traits such as personality.  She's as sarcastic and hot headed as can be but still does as her programing instructs.  Just be aware of her sharp seriously.
Alan is from Pseudo-Earth and is a bit notorious for being a street runt.  He's a skilled boarder and spearheads a group of tough young individuals.  However, after Janeen schooled him, he was forced to check into the orphanage and drop the gang.  He does, however, owe her some thanks as he's taken a liking to Mia.  Alan's not really a bad kid.  In fact, he's got a heart of gold.  He only talks big.
Alan "Jet"
A mysterious girl who's apparently made a bit of a name for herself as a vigilante on Pseudo-Earth.  She doesn't even accept rewards other than food.  When she's in action, she's as serious as a heart attack.  When she isn't, she's as mature as an 8 year old.  Where she came from and what she's doing isn't exactly known.
Marly was a part of the Pseudo-Earth population long before Day 0.  She was actually born there.  Her grandfather owns a museum there where she works.  It's a history museum with a 20th to 21st centuries theme.  She's a brilliant mechanic and knows older machines inside and out, an advantage she has over Kiki who only knows what's new.
Kari was never aboard flight 17.  She was on Flight 15 and made it to Pseudo-Earth.  She's a complete shut-in at the orphanage there and always locks herself in her room, in turn locking out Mia and May.  But she has a talent for getting what she wants though she doesn't practice it often.
Lilian was the last of the flight 17 children.  Her brother, Trey, was aboard flight 13.  As a result, Lilian keeps herself bottled up, showing nearly no emotions.  But images of Trey in the back of her mind haunt her.  Why?  Trey had the gift of sight.  He foresaw a horrible event and knew that there was no room on his schedueled flight for the two of them.  She was supposed to be on flight 13.  But without telling her, he had their Flight Scheduels switched.  She was later able to put 2 and 2 together.  He gave his life to save hers and there isn't a thing she can do about it.
Lilian and Trey
Jackie is known as Little Ms. Sunshine, a label presented to her aboard flight 17.  She always finds some reason to be happy even when staring at death.  But it doesn't make her immune, in any way, to the effects of sadness or rage.
May is athletic and more positive than most of the others.  She always tries to cheer up the others when they're feeling sorry for themselves.  And she usually succeeds, especially when paired with Kiki.  May is also a gifted singer though she doesn't personally think so.  Her voice has been known to put the others to sleep at times.  Of the children aboard flight 17, she is the third eldest.
Mia was another of the children aboard flight 17.  She's a bit flighty but she means well.  Now her only goal is to find her brother.  He was aboard Flight 12 just ahead of flight 13 and his flight made it to the Pseudo-Earth so now she is seeking him, ever hoping to one day find him.
Mini is the youngest of the children and also an orphan like Naomi and most of the others.  The difference is that she'd been an orphan for as long as she could remember.  Whenever Naomi isn't around she has a tendancy to cry or try to find her.  But Mini is also one of the kindest spirits in the world.  Her presence is enough to ease tension.
Naomi plays the role of the big sister.  Being the oldest of the children, she watches out for everyone and puts anyone who messes with them though heck.  But she's quick to judge and has wrongfully treated many people in trying to protect them.
Ren is the quiet musician of the many children aboard flight 17.  She is an insomniac but never complains.  However, Naomi has seen her crying to herself several times when she'd thought everyone was sleeping.  With her parents having been on flight 13 and her siblings nowhere to be found, she was left alone until flight 17 arrived for them.  She'd shared Naomi's room at the orphanage for the entire 6 month wait and of those 6 months, they were the most painful she'd ever endured.
Head engineer aboard ship 17, and technological genius, Kiki is a wild child.  She's also a pilot but most would perfer she stay as far away from the controls as possible.  It was she, however, that drove flight 17 to safety when the pilot was knocked out.
An ARC flight attendant aboard Ship 17 who grew bored with her job and decided to go the route of field work.  Rita was schedueled to be on board flight 13 but she was late and lucky her.  The 18 year old was blessed to be alive after Day 0.
Janeen is one of Arc's commanding officers and the one in charge of evacuation.  When she stumbles upon this strange group of children, she begins to take an interest in them.  The children encounter her several times and while she is very stern, she is also very sweet and sincere.  She is thought of as the highest quality leader Arc has and is probably the most skilled as well.
Officer Janeen Pierce
Head linguistics officer of Arc, Bianca is warm hearted yet demanding.  She will never ask you to do too much so long as you do your best.  It's because she knows teh risk of falling behind, considering the current events unfolding.
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