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Kingdoms Non-Playable Characters

Well...her name has the word Paladin in it so she's obviously a Warrior.  Head Knight in the Forest Kingdom, Paladina is wise and powerful.  She trained many of the knights but despite her status, always comes to a draw when comparing blade skills with Kim.  Though she is no match for elegance, she is every bit as skilled if not more.  She herself recommended Kim as Lei's bodyguard.  Few can match her Blade and Shield of pure Quantium Metal.
Rosalyn is a headache more than anything else.  She's a Lightning Marauder who doesn't know when to quit.  Her squad comes complete with two Marauders she aptly pointed out to have no names so she simply refers to them both as her "Boys".  She and her boys hardly pose any real threat, however.
-Recurring Boss in Kingdom of Treason-
-Cameo in Kingdom of Penance-
Hugo is a Blacksmith Dwarf who resides in the Industrial Kingdom.  He is quite the hardy fellow and has many a tale to tell.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
Grond is a brilliant military strategist and is brutally strong as well as relentless and intelligent. He commands his subjects with an iron fist. The Council of the Western Region only overlooks his presence because they fear he may attempt a war with them as well if they were to kick him out of the West.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
-Cameo in Kingdom of Penance-
Troll King Grond
Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the Elf Society, Balder is the highest judicial authority.  He enforces those laws passed by Gwendolyn and acts as her mentor and guide.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
~Can be Won as a Playable Character in Kingdom of Penance with Gwendolyn~
The Current High Mistress of Elf Society, holding a competition to determine who her successor will be.  Beautiful and fair, she is a talented leader.  She is kind and just, always looking to see the best in people.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason and Kingdom of Penance-
~Can be Won as a Playable Character in Kingdom of Penance with Balder~
The mysterious man in black armor who appears with the demons.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
Seemingly in league with the mysterious black knight. She seems sadistic and...well...somewhat off her rocker.
-Recurring Boss in Kingdom of Treason-
~Cameo in Kingdom of Penance~
~Can be Won as Playable Character (Only For Battle) in Kingdom of Vengeance~
Solarus is the most powerful of the Goddesses. Being the eldest of the many goddess sisters, she is also the most experienced. But many of her sisters fear that she has been growing too close to mortals. Her once fierce persona as a warrior had begun to disappear and she was going soft...a effect that mortals had on her whose outcome was her capture by the evil Ice Goddess, Glacia.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
Glacia and The White Queen's infinitely loyal army of golems made entirely out of ice and snow. They cannot be melted by any means but can be destroyed. They are exceptionally strong and never quit until they are eliminated.
-Most Common Kingdom of Treason Part 1 Enemy-
~Can Summon as a Pet by Celcius in Battle-
Ice Soldiers
Harper is a mysterious young woman who persists in following Ven in secret. Her motives aren't known. She doesn't use a blade but her choice of weaponry is a chain with a spearhead at the end.
-Recurring Boss in Kingdom of Treason-
~Can be Won as a Playable Character in Kingdom of Treason~
Cold Hearted and Calculating, Glacia is the second eldest of the Goddesses. She is a jealous woman and that envy for her older sister, Solarus, drove her to do horrible things. She was ultimately banished from Mt. Corinthia. Her return to the spotlight was with The White Queen the day she finally bested her sister. Glacia is not to be underestimated. She is the second most powerful Goddess and the most relentless.
-Appears as the First of the Three Major Bosses in Kingdom of Treason-
The White Queen is as cold and calculating as Glacia but mortal. Her brutality and lack of remorse are well documented as well as her pleasure for causing pain. The infinitely sadistic woman has more up her sleeve than most dare to think about but it is the power of a Dictator.
-Appears as the First of the Three Major Bosses in Kingdom of Treason-
The White Queen
She may carry around a bow and arrows but that's only for show. Cerelus is adept at using explosives. She's a brilliant young girl and is somewhat old spirited but acting her age would do know good. She tends to actually act like everyone's mother and rightfully so. She's probably one of the most mature of the lot.
-Recurring Character in Kingdom of Treason-
A curious demon whose rebelious spirit has drawn her to stray from the wars and affairs of mortals and simply observe the world around her.
-Appears First as a Boss and Later Joins the Party in Kingdom of Treason post Regional Conflict-
This cute little is Lei's trusted pet. She does seem to thing she's a bit larger than she actually is but it's what gives her that charm. Nana seems capable of reading the human language though she can't speak it for obvious reasons, being an animal and all. She can also perform some degree of Fire magic...though she tends to torch herself if she doesn't know what she's doing.
-In Kingdom of Treason Only.  Recurring Character-
Luminia is the klutzy moon and messenger goddess. She frequently aids the heroes in their journey. She usually just fills in the heroes on major situations or passes on a few messages for them.
-Provides Story Quests in Kingdom of Treason Post Ice War-
When it comes to healing, look no further! I'm the best healer in this game! Missy at your service!  I'm a Neko-Nurse! (Healing)
-Appears in All Games but Kingdom of Eternity-
"Oh don't worry.  This won't hurt One. Little. Bit...Okay I lied.  This is gonna hurt A LOT.  Eheehee!"
Guinevere is the highest authority on goods.  Potions, Food, anything she can make.  However, she's also big on being paid and will not hesitate to charge for her services...friend or not. (Market)
-Appears in All Games but Kingdom of Eternity-
"Here ya go!  Now...Pay Up."
Underestimate this small elf at your own risk.  She's a master martial artist and owns several dojo around the regions which are good for training. (Training)
-Located in All Games but Kingdom of Eternity-
"Get ready...Fight!  KYAH!"
An elf that dresses very much like a witch.  Throughout most of her in-game appearances, she is a nuisance, often sending whatever party happens upon her on wild   goose chases.  But she does give out prizes. (Challenges)
-Located in All Games but Kingdom of Eternity-
"Do I Hear A Challenge?"
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