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 Site Official Rules

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PostSubject: Site Official Rules   Site Official Rules Icon_minitimeFri Mar 04, 2011 2:44 pm

Skipping over details, bottom line is, I don't allow it. D-Word, H-E-Double HockeySticks, Donkey get you a suspension. F-Bomb, Sugar Honey Ice Tea, A-Hole, OTHER D-Word, things like that all get you expelled and we will find a way to work your character out of the roleplays.

Power Abuse
I'm the only one allowed to moderate the roleplays. However, Moderators are allowed to moderate everything else. Abuse of this power will result in the removal of Moderator status.

Whether it's directed toward the site or another member, I don't care. I see it, you're banned until I see fit to bring you back.

Real Life Information
Nickname's are fine but keep your real name to yourself. Do not give ANY personal information. No addresses, no names of yourself, family members, or anyone you know, we don't need to know your life story here and it is dangerous to put yourself out there because we've no way of knowing if someone on here is crooked...And No Pictures Of Yourself! Use an Avatar.

The argument doesn't exist here. Don't tell, Don't Ask policy. We won't ask you what your religion is and you don't tell us. Same goes for the other way around. As far as anyone here should be concerned Religion and Atheism aren't words.

Double Posting
I allow it but try not to do it. It's what the edit button is for. I DON'T, however, allow any more than a double post. A third consecutive post will be deleted. Common Argument "No One EVER Checks The Old Post To See That It's Edited And They Post Without Doing So"...sorry. I hate that too. Just make sure people check before they post.

Site Rating
This site is rated E10+ for disturbing imagery and extreme acts of violence as well as occasional drug/alcohol references. Nothing beyond this rating is EVER to be posted. I.E no porn, no gore, etcetera.

Don't be an idiot about this. YoU wERen'T raIsEd SpEAkinG LIkE ThIs (I hope) and YOU DON'T SCREAM EVERY TIME YOU TALK! (I hope) No excessive use of text slang please. Capitalizing words for emphasis is perfectly fine but capitalizing an entire sentence is just ridiculous. Talking like your CapLock button is having a ceizure is also ridiculous and Text Slang just confuses people after a while.

If You Ever See Anyone Break These Rules, Report Them Or PM Me.
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Site Official Rules
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