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PostSubject: Kingdom of Discord   Kingdom of Discord Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 2:51 am

Kama is the magic that holds the world together. There is Light Kama, Dark Kama, and Element Kama. Light Kama can only be used by those pure in heart. Dark Kama can only be used by the corrupt. The middle ground is Shadow Kama. Since light is needed to create the darkness of a shadow, Shadow Kama is a form used by those who fall too deceitful for Light Kama and too pure for Dark Kama. The word Kama is probably getting a bit annoying, huh? Anyway, long ago, there was a war in which the demons attacked our world. To defeat them, the people developed the first way to harness and use Kama for themselves without relying on the gods. This led to the creation of Marn. Marn is any form of device that can support all of a person's Mana. Mana is the key to using Kama. Everyone has Mana. Some people have a lot, while others only have a little. The measure of a person's Mana determines just how powerful the Kama they can perform is. Marn allows people to use Kama by channeling all of their Mana then using it through concentration to use the magic of Kama. Anyone can perform Elemental Kama but, like I said, Dark and Light Kama are conditional.

Of course, the war wasn't won that easily. Demons still were able to use dark magic which was far more powerful than ordinary Kama. So in the end, the people created a powerful weapon called The Kama Cannon. That weapon was used to drive back the evil that was The Demon King. It draws on all of the Mana from people then amplifies it and shoots out one massive Kama Blast. That's how they defeated the Demon King of legend. After this, however, people began to get greedy over Marn. Theft, Murder, and Deceit cluttered the world. So a law was passed in my Kingdom. Only Marn Masters and Marn Keepers were allowed to have or bear these powerful devices. But people aren't stopped by laws. If they want something, they'll take it. That is human nature.

I'm Tsubasa and I live in the Capitol City. I actually live in the Palace as a healer-in-training. Healing Magic falls generally and doesn't require Marn so it's sort of a widely sought out profession. I can only wonder how long it'll be before someone tries to defy the laws of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Discord

A young man of white hair and grey eyes awakens one afternoon to the sound of a scream. He rolls out of bed sloppily and fights his way out of the entangling covers. Finally he is free and gets dressed, dawning a rather formal black and red suit. He then steps out of his small village home and looks around. Not far away, a crowd has gathered in town. A young lady had been attacked by a stray monster and was traumatized. The boy shakes his head and looks to the front of the town at the still broken remains of the village gates. He then approaches them and takes a look when an elderly man and a young child stop him. "Oh, give it a rest, my boy. You're no closer to fixing that old thing than the Capita is!" The old man hardily jokes.

"What can I say," the young man says, rubbing the back of his head, "I'm a curious guy. So how are you doing today, pops?"

"Now don't you start with that again. I've got plenty of kick left in me, you know. You should really leave that thing alone."

The young man sighs and gives a shrug as he steps down. "Can't help it. The Imperia should really be doing something. We've been sending request after request. They can't be so busy that they can't send someone to a relatively close village to fix a gate. I think I'm going to head to the Capitol City and have a talk with somebody."

"Oh, leave it alone, will you? You'll just be asking for trouble," the old man says.

"Hey, you're forgetting who you're talking to," the young man says with a thumbs up. "I don't ever ask for trouble. Trouble just happens to find me."
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Kingdom of Discord
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