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 Kingdom of Vengeance

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Vengeance   Kingdom of Vengeance Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 2:53 am

Since the days of our world's infancy, there has existed a cave known as The Crystal Chasm and a tree called The Great Tree of Life. Without these two essential places, Mana would not exist. If there was no Mana, there would be no Magic. If there was no magic, there would be no life. Mind, Body, and Soul. These are what the basics of life are. Soul is the magic in every living being. Without Soul there is no life. The Great Tree of Life is located within The Crystal Chasm. In terms of human biology, the Great Tree of Life is like a heart. It pumps the magic, which is the world's version of Blood. The Crystal Chasm runs all throughout the world, acting as the veins. But the Crystal Chasm is also like the skeleton. If it is damaged, the world loses structure and some ability to function. The people are like the mind. We do the thinking and execution.

Many years ago, vile figures sought conquest by drawing power directly from the Tree. They created several natural calamities using powerful magic. Then they blamed the calamities on a slowly depleting supply of magic within the Great Tree of Life. Claiming that they could save the world by finding the tree. They finally found it after successfully tricking a group of young heroes to find all of the pieces or a map to the Crystal Chasm for them. When the true heroes realized what'd happened, they raced to the Crystal Chasm and confronted the liars. Ultimately, they defeated the villains but at the cost of the tree. However, a new tree was planted and all was well before it grew horrid. The heroes returned from their adventure and swore never to tell anyone of what'd happened.

My name is Leila. I am what could be called A Spirit World Walker. I have the ability to travel along the spirit world for a limited amount of time. The Spirit World is something I don't quite understand yet and I really want to. Lately, the Spirit World has been filling me with fear and dread. It isn't a good sign and even I know that. Something is desperately wrong...I can sense it.

Kingdom of Vengeance

A young boy rushes through his busy town streets, ducking and dodging through crowds of people, leaping over vendors. She slides under a passing by cart and springs up in one swift motion. Behind him is an older man with dark hair and a black jacket with rolled up sleeves. He pursues vigorously, following the boy's every move. When comes that same cart, he quickly leaps and runs just along the side of a building wall then lands in the street behind him, accelerating to make up for lost momentum. The boy rushes into a local shop filled with hay and wooden support beams. In the middle of the front room is a large anvil with a hot blade upon it, being stricken by a hefty old man who smiles at him. He closes the doors as the man hands him the blade. He then turns to head out through the back window but poised in his face is the gleaming tip of his pursuer's steel. "All right, you win again," he says as his pursuer puts the blade away.

"Always be well aware of your adversary's current position and condition. Otherwise, you'll always be at a disadvantage."

"So what's our next lesson, anyway?"

The man raises his eyebrow and guides the boy out of the blacksmith shop towards a small house. He then waves goodbye as the boy goes inside. Yet from a rooftop across the street, a mysterious figure watches intently, awaiting the perfect moment to make his presence known. A young girl appears beside him, her face veiled. "Will we be going no?"

"No...let him lower his guard entirely...then we will strike."
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Kingdom of Vengeance
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