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 Old Applications

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PostSubject: Re: Old Applications   Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:49 pm

Name: Aria Luxentis
Age: 17
Physical Description or Picture: Just switch out the green for light blue
Class: Mage

Job: Freelance Mage
Weapon Type: Staff
SpellBook: (Mages Only) Water
Weaknesses: Spiders, her fear of death (she'll get over it, though), her fear of death, and her innability to fight without her staff


Background: Since she was young, Aria has lived with her mother and younger sister, Maya. When she was 7, a group of men came into their village and burned it down, in return giving her a strange fear and distrust of men. They then moved to the city and started fresh. At the age of 13 Aria began practicing magic.
Starting Location: Attilan

Str: 2
Spd: 5
Agl: 4
Int: 3
Dex: 2
Edr: 5
Dur: 3
HP: 3
Exp: B

Ptn: 4
EP: 4

Notes: Even though she's afraid of them, it's not impossible for her to end up falling in love or actually trusting a guy. It's just very unlikely she will.
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PostSubject: Old Applications   Tue May 10, 2011 8:04 pm

Name: Hura Ur-Kahnn
Age: 16
Physical Description or Picture:
Class: Human

Combat (Humans & Elves)

Job: Princess Of Losylvania
Weapon Type: Bow and Arrow
SpellBook: (Mages Only)
Weaknesses: Inability to aim at times, often dozes off and sometimes right in the middle of combat, in return almost getting her killed most of the time


Background: Hura was 5 when she started training with Bow and Arrows, She got Her bow from her sister, At 7 She was taking down skilled archers, at 10 She was skilled herself, at 14 she finally had her first combat match between her enemy, She ended up almost dying, Now at 16 (Her Birthday’s soon though) She keeps to herself and is very reserved
Starting Location: Losylvania

Str: 4
Spd: 5
Agl: 3
Int: 4
Dex: 3
Edr: 3
Dur: 1
HP: 2
Exp: B
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Old Applications
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