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 The Fandom Wars

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PostSubject: The Fandom Wars   The Fandom Wars Icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 4:43 am

Fandom Wars is an idea I had not long ago. You chose your Fandom when you joined the site and that's a given. So here's how this works. Fandom compete for Points. Those points eventually translate into prizes! What prizes, you ask? One special prize is Unlimited Subscription to the Kingdoms Magazine and another is a Secret Bonus character pack (several of these actually) You gain points as you RP. However, there are other ways to game points and there are ways to lose them. If you lose to another player in a PvP fight, then you lose points and they gain points. How many? You decide that. That's right, you wager points. Another way to gain points is to gain the top Poster spot. (This only works once). So here we go.


Challenges - Challenges are PvP Match-Ups between characters in Kingdoms. The two players wager points then battle it out. The player who wins acquires more points as the loser loses them.
-No Cheating
-All PvP MUST use the game mechanics especially if points are wagered

Point Well - The Point well is a luck of the draw. You get any amount of points from 1 to 100 based on a random number generator.
-You may only acquire points here once a week.

Games - Some Games such as Riddle Me This, offer points when specific criteria are met.
-Criteria is to be met BEFORE you gain the points.

Special Events - Every once in a while there will be a special event taking place that I create. Said events will reward a predetermined amount of points to whoever wins.
-If you fail an event once, you cannot participate in that event again.

The winning Fandom will be posted at the end of each month. The winning Fandom is determined by the total number of points collected by everyone in said Fandom.
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The Fandom Wars
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