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PostSubject: Vance   Vance Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 12:47 am


Name: Vance Deran
Age: 38
Character Picture: Vance 180px-saber_extra
Just add a few years to how he looks and subtract some of the armor around his legs and joints.
Class: Human

Combat (Humans & Elves)

Job: Knight
Weapon Type: Short Sword
SpellBook: (Mages Only)
Weaknesses: Very protective of Sylvia, enough that she holds him back. Besides that, has a fear of heights and a deep-seated distrust of mages.


Background Information: Vance underwent the usual training to become a knight, urged on by an overly demanding father who saw it as his duty to turn his only son into something worthwhile. Because of this, for a period of time, Vance was intensely internal and aggressive, seeing everything as a competition and other people as obstacles between him and the top. When he became a squire, though, knights avoided taking him on until he was assigned to a casual, friendly knight who took it upon himself to get the boy to relax.

He succeeded, though many years of effort, and by the time he became a knight at twenty-three he was almost an entirely different person. In Vance’s mind, his knight was the most important man in his life, turning him into something he could be proud of – and that was part of the reason that, when Sylvia became a squire, he agreed to oversee her training, because he knew what it was like to be rejected. He decided to give her a chance, and has since grown attached to her, training her with a single-minded devotion.

Str: 3
Spd: 3
Agl: 5
Int: 3
Dex: 2
Dur: 2
HP: 3
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