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 Damage Types

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PostSubject: Damage Types   Damage Types Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 8:10 pm

Damage Types

There are numerous Damage Types. Each Damage type is acquired a different way. There is Basic Damage, Add-On Damage (AOD), Damage Over Time (DOT), Critical Damage, and Counter Damage.

Basic Damage - The first hand applied damage from all attacks.

Damage Over Time - Turn Effective Damage. The Affected Target receives a set amount of damage over a certain amount of turns. Usually the result of a Spell or Attack Effect.

Critical Damage - As in all video-games, Critical Damage is a multiplier on damage already applied. However, there is a 10% chance of getting this usually.

Counter Damage - Another widely used video-game concept is damage done in retaliation. Countered Damage is Damage Meant for the Receiving Character but thrown back at the attacker with half the impact.

Damage Over Time (DOT)

The Damage Over Time or DOT effects function in various ways similar in nature to status effects in Pokemon such as Poison, Curse, Burn, etc. The DOT effects are Bleed, Burning, Freezing, Poison, and Pain. Many Damage Over Time effects do eventually fade, though some don't.

Poison - The Target loses 5HP each turn. (Full Battle Unless Healed)

Burning - Target loses HP at random intervals of between 5 and 20 each turn. (Temporary)

Freezing - Target Loses 5HP each turn with 20% chance of losing Speed and Attack Power as well. (Temporary)

Bleed - Target first loses 5HP, then 10 from that, then 15 and it continues to leech larger multiples of 5 from current HP. (Full Battle Unless Healed)

Pain - Target loses 1/10 Full HP Each Turn. (Full Battle or Until Swapped With Another Slotted Character)

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Damage Types
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