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PostSubject: Healing   Healing Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 10:36 pm


Healing can now be handled a bit differently while holding to the original mechanic a bit. Characters no longer auto-heal after a battle unless the in-game situation calls for it. Instead, your character maintains their HP from the last battle they were in. Thus it is now a wise thing to do to get Points and Spend them on Items you can get from Guinevere. So I suggest you do what you can to get points such as post in different places around the site and participate in the Fandom Wars. Otherwise losing IS much more probable. There is also still an In-Game Infirmary headed by the Neko-Nurse, Missy. You fully replenish a party (for a price) by posting in the infirmary thread. (More characters healed, the higher the price. Full revivals cost extra.) Below is a list of healing items.

Phoenix Ember - Fully Revives a fallen teammate
Anza Fruit - Restores 15HP
Maxi Apple - Returns HP to Full
Acaba Fruit - Cures Status Ailments

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