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 Character Stats

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PostSubject: Character Stats   Character Stats Icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2012 12:47 am

Character Stats

This time around, a character's stats are included much more heavily. The percentage system has been removed from offensive stats (Strength, Dexterity, Potential, Energy Projection). Instead of being a multiplier, the base number (The one on your power grid that you filled out in the Character Application) is added to the base power of the move being used, be it a basic attack or special one. An Offensive stat generally increases by one every level, meaning that by the end level, if one of the offensive stats is maxed out (5 on the sheet) Then the stat has a possibility of reaching 64 by the final level. This means you can add 64 points of power to the base power of a move, basic or special.

The rates on DEFENSIVE stats are virtually the same and apply to the same formula.

Stat=Maximum Stat Value/5 x Character's Stat Rating

(150/5) x 3
30 x 3 = [90]

(30%/5) x 3
6% x 3 = [18%]

(100/5) x 3
20 x 3 = [60]

Defense is also heavily modified. For the most part, Defense (B) determines the defense of a character (This pertains to NPC and Boss battles which is a different page). It is done pretty much exactly the same as Offensive stats. The actual stat rating is the legitimate Defense of a character and it increases between 1-3 points per level (The number it increases is random). Subtract defense from the damage done to a character and you have the actual damage done to them.

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Character Stats
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