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 Experience Points

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PostSubject: Experience Points   Mon May 21, 2012 11:54 pm

Experience Points
Experience points are distributed to everyone equally. To yourself as well as to NPC's. However, you will notice that some characters level up faster than others. This is based on an EXP system used commonly in video games. There are 5 Ranks of EXP; A, B, C, D and E. A ranked characters have the lowest EXP Equilibrium and thus, Level the Fastest. B is right behind them and I'm sure you get the idea from there. What ranking I give you is based on the stat ranks you take. The Exp Ranking Also determines how many of your own special moves you can learn.

A Requires 360000 EXP: 1-4 Special Moves (6000 a Level)
B Requires 480000 EXP: 5-8 Special Moves (8000 a Level)
C Requires 617958 EXP: 9-12 Special Moves (10300 a Level)
D Requires 750000 EXP: 13-16 Special Moves (12500 a Level)
E Requires 984000 EXP: 17-20 Special Moves (16400 a Level)

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Experience Points
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