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 NPC & Boss Battles

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PostSubject: NPC & Boss Battles   NPC & Boss Battles Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 12:19 am

NPC & Boss Battles

These are a bit more complicated than standard battles. Unlike the hit system for basic battles, stats play a role in these. Your basic attacks are set to, at level 1, do 5Dmg. The higher your level, the higher that count gets. However, it's boosted by your stat. Based on the type of attacks carried out, any of the Offense stats are added to the base power of the move you are using. Say your basic attack involves a bow and arrow. Your Dexterity stat applies. If something melee like a sword, Strength applies. So the most damage any level one character can do with a basic attack is 10.

Special attacks, unlike Basic attacks, have varying Base powers but the same rule applies about adding the stats to them.

Subtract the defense from damage dealt by the initial attack. If the defense is greater than the attack, it will drop 5 points with every hit in succession until you start doing damage.

Also, unlike in a Standard Battle, you're only allowed Three Motions instead of five.

Some bosses require puzzles to defeat them rather than just strategically lashing out.

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NPC & Boss Battles
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