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Simple Enough. Each Kingdoms Game is Broken Down into Acts. Under Each Act is a list of Quests specific to that Act. These are updated regularly especially when the next Act is introduced. You can still go back and take on Quests within a previous Act, however the rewards and EXP are bound to seem less beneficial via comparison. Also on those first posts are lists of enemies located in that area that will appear in Roaming Mode from time to time (They will appear whilst Sandboxing or on a Quest at random) and specifications about them. Quests that are story progression will be listed in bolded red.

There are several types of Quests.

1 - Locate a Specific Character
2 - Defeat a Certain Enemy or Group of Enemies
3 - Locate a Specific Item (Does Include Enemy Drops)
4 - Reach a Specific Location
5 - Protect a Specific Character

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