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 Super Moves

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PostSubject: Super Moves   Super Moves Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 12:26 am

Super Moves

Super Moves Are Basically Super Powerful Moves. These moves have a chance of activating if all moves in a set combo are successfully carried out. The only requirement is that the move not have a power over 300 and the combo consist of at least three "A-Button" attacks before you get into the specials. If it has a power of 300, then you may only use it once. 200-299 and you may use it twice but the second time its damage is halved. 100-199 and you may use it three times. This is how many times the move may be activates. However, all Super Moves Hit a large number of times (1 to 5, depending on Number Generator. By the time you actually reach lvl 60 and are able to use them, these moves will just barely dent most bosses)

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Super Moves
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