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 Standard Battles

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PostSubject: Standard Battles   Standard Battles Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 12:07 am

Standard Battles

In general battles against standard enemies, the damage is dealt differently to and by them. It is done on a turn number basis. Monsters will have a number of times they can be hit. Basic attacks count as one hit per move displayed in the battle post. Special Attacks count as two. For Special Attacks that hit more than once, it'll just count that many times. For example. Say you are up to battle a Glator Lvl 1. This enemy is only capable of enduring 15 hits. You are allowed 5 Actions in one battle post. If you use 4 Basic Attacks and 1 Special Attack (One that isn't a Multi-Hit), then it is the equivalent of him losing 6 Hit Points.

The amount of Damage an enemy does in Standard battles is just about the same. The primary difference is that you'd still have your resistances. All Basic Attacks done by enemies are worth one hit. All special attacks are generally worth two. However, if your character resists the Special Attack's type, then it only deals 1. Monsters don't have resistances but they do have weaknesses. So a monster that is weak to a certain type will lose 4 points from one Special Attack if they're weak to it.

Please note that you still need to charge up Energy in order to conduct a Special Attack.

As far as your own taking hits should ever be concerned. You start off with an amount of hits Equal to your Defense (B) Percentage. So if you have a 30% in Defense (B), then you're capable of taking 30 hits. As you level up, this number increases by 5. A Level 1 Character with 30% in Defense (B) will, by Level 60 will be capable of taking on 325 Hits. This is particularly useful because every 10 levels, the monsters get more powerful to the point where their specials are capable of doing up to 20 hits. This is determined by monster, not by level or move. Each monster is assigned their hit counts randomly. That and as the game moves on, monster swarms will start getting much bigger. You'll have your NPC's to help but you must use them wisely.

All basic enemies have 25% Evasiveness, making them likely to be hit 75% of the time.

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Standard Battles
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