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 Kingdom of Eternity

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Eternity   Kingdom of Eternity Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 2:52 am

A few years back, a second inhabitable planet was found in our solar system. Over the years it was was made into a second home world. The primary world's population was getting just shy of overcrowding. But apparently that wasn't enough. A massive Solar Flare from the Sun was approaching Earth in what was known as Day Zero. ARC, a spatial government agency managed evacuation to the second world. There were millions of Transports all over the globe. Most made it over there. But one that didn't became history. It was Flight 13. Most flights out that didn't make it just had technical problems. That was normal. This kind of space travel was still a fairly new concept. But Flight 13 wasn't a technical problem. An unexpected acceleration in the flare's activity presented a powerful wave of solar radiation. That radiation tore through the ship like a kid with a magnifying glass terrorizing an anthill. A lot of people died.

Flight 17 was one of the last flights from our country. It was also one of the smallest. On it were just a bunch of minors like myself. I still have nightmares about it. Most of us had family on Flight 13. The rest had no family at all. It was depressing really. But once we landed on that planet, everything seemed to melt away. We were placed in an orphanage and sent to school as if our lives were normal. Our lives had changed forever and nothing was going to make things normal again, especially not now.

What's strange is that shortly after we landed, these strange things began to happen. Weird characters started appearing almost everywhere we went. Things all around the world starting randomly going out of whack. Then the strangest thing happened. Everyone who was on Flight 17 started to randomly acquire really strange powers and abilities. One girl could run faster than anyone's eyes could follow. Another girl got superhuman strength. The flight attendant could breathe fire, for crying out loud. And me, I can somehow see into the future. I can't see that far but...I know things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. I just hope they get better soon.

Kingdom of Eternity

The bustle of the Space Port is nothing more than utter mayhem. People rush through lines, pushing and shoving others to get onto their ships first despite all going to the same place. The skies are clear for the moment but no soul is at rest this moment. One ship takes off from the port and blasts away at the speed of light. Meanwhile several minors board a relatively small ship. One girl stops on the line and turns around after hearing a comforting voice from afar. It is her brother. He reaches out and hugs her, his clothes in tatters. "I've finally found you," he says, relieved. "What do you say we go home now, huh?" The poor confused girl takes him into her arms and cries. But the skies suddenly turn red with heat and a great flash sweeps over all. Then the girl awakens.

"Are you okay?" The flight attendant asks, holding a trey with several glasses of water.

"I'm fine," the girl responds, rolling back over in her seat. Her hair is short and brown but in it is a long, white bow. She wears a jacket that's too large for her body and a blue skirt.

Another girl sporting a white jacket and purple shirt as well as two hair ribbons and a set of headphones, leans over to look through the window and see the passing streaks of what would be stars if they were moving at average speed. Suddenly a loud buzzing sound is heard and a panicky young woman rushes to the cockpit to find the captain out cold from having hit his head. She takes the control next and tries to maintain the ship for the rest of the ways, loudly calling for help, waking up several of the kids in the process. "What's wrong?" Asks the girl with the headphones.

"It sounds like the ship's having trouble," responds the girl with the bow.
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Kingdom of Eternity
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