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 Kingdom of Justice

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Justice   Kingdom of Justice Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 4:37 am

A long time ago, there were two evil creatures determined to destroy mankind. They were the Witches and the Nekos. They hated one another but hated mankind above all else. They began a three way war against one another and mankind itself. When the humans seemed at their weakest, the goddess, Klouse, appeared and swept them all away with unmatched power then went into a hibernation after having used that energy. Humans were again free to roam as the Nekos were destroyed and the Witches, those remained, went into hiding. Since then, the Church of Klouse has been established on the central island, Balastia to honor her.

The world was once one but the war tore it apart into several floating islands, all revolving around Balastia, the central island, via The Link, a mythical bridge forged by Klouse to prevent each individual island from themselves, being destroyed. There are now five islands. There is the central island, Balastia, where the Church of Klouse is located. Then there is Staton Isle which is a more Imperial island. There is Spectil, a highly rural and suburban island. Another is Regal Isle, a highly industrial and often considered "steam-punk" island. Lastly, there are the Badlands, an island of unknown territory populated by what witches remain as well as many more dangerous monsters.

The Badlands are off limits to every island by order of the Imperial Knights and the Church of Klouse. But lately there have been rumors of the bridge to the Badlands being accessed from several locations. Then the amount of monsters roaming around all of the other islands started to grow. It's getting to be pretty unsettling. But it's my job to protect the islands from these threats. Who knows, the witches might be back and if that's so, then I'm going to deliver my own brand of justice, sword style. The name's Ash. I'm the Imperial Knight Defender of Balastia. Balastia doesn't have an actual system of knights so someone has to protect it.

Kingdom of Justice

A young man in a bright red jacket swings his blade at a tree just outside of a large cathedral. He swings vigorously and with full purpose, intent on honing his follow-through. It is mid day and the sun floats in the center of the sky, beaming down on the tree which shades him. He has worked up a sweat, however, swinging in the endless heat. When he finally rests, two slightly older figures step out of the church, one a female in white with armor shoulder blades and a sword across her back. The other is a young man also dressed in white with long, blonde hair and a much larger blade. "Hey, are you going to be eating at all today?" The girl asks. The training young man ignores and continues to swing his blade until the sword meets the still of the older one's blade.

"Come on, she asked you a question. The least you can do is respond."

The younger then turns to the girl and sticks his blade in the cobblestone path. "All right, I'll come in now," he says with a bow before dashing inside past them.

"One thing you can never say about him: he's never low on energy," the girl jokingly and nervously says.
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Kingdom of Justice
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