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 Kingdom of Treason

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Treason   Kingdom of Treason Icon_minitimeSat Mar 05, 2011 7:23 pm

War is far more destructive than we ever seem to realize. With each passing era, with every passing day, wars get more and more savage. Ever more creative means of self destruction are developed every day. Our world was one of peace. There had never been a war before between mortals. But as the goddesses began to visit the land of the living less often, many began to doubt they were still there at all. Many began to believe they'd abandoned us. And so a feeling of self reliance was established. That fear that they'd left spawned anger. That anger spawned hatred. That hatred spawned the regional war. Much like the wars of many parallel worlds, not all nations were involved. The first human war was known as The Regional War. The Eastern Region began a war within itself and eventually the Kingdoms in the Southern and Northern Regions too joined. The Western Region, however, wanted nothing to do with this war. They were already more powerful than these three nations combined. Why should it need to expand its power? But the coming events were ones that no one saw coming. There has been a Cold War on on of the Parallel worlds to our own. But this is no Cold War. It is the Ice War.

While the Regional War grew in scale, the Ice War consumed the Western Region. It was like a rain that never ended and no one forsaw it. It began in Soleste, the most powerful Kingdom of the Western Region. The King and Queen were overthrown by the Queen's own sister, a cold hearted woman now calling herself The White Queen. The vile woman did so using an endless army of icicle golems she called her Cold Soldiers. But how would she gain such power? Well, no human magic is that powerful. She did it with the aid of Glacia. Glacia is the heartless Goddess of the Northern Skies. With her command over all things cold, she and The White Queen formed an Alliance. In Return for her cooperation, Glacia would finally have the chance to do what she had never before had the power to. She would defeat her sister, Solarus, Goddess of the Sun. Then she would become the most powerful Goddess of them all.

Darker forces still stir. As war engulfs the world we know, evil emerges from one we don't. No one knows where it came from or how powerful it is. They only know that the gate to the Nether Realm has been opened and as a result, The Demons are being released. There are rumors that a man in black knight's armor has been seen near these gates but as far as many are concerned, the entire event is only a myth.

Where is the hope in a world so obviously consumed by evil? There is none. But I would like to pray otherwise. If my prayer cannot be answered then I suppose I will simply have to BE that hope. My name is Celcius. I am a demigod...daughter of Glacia. I refuse to back down in fear any longer. The ends here.

Kingdom of Treason

The grey storm clouds roll over the Western Region, bringing with it the chills of the north. Snow, sleet, hail, all fall from the sky as if an all consuming hurricane has emerged as punishment from the gods above. But it is not the almighty who brings such terror. It is the fallen. The frigid waters begin to take form upon touching the ground. The hail and snow take on a humanoid shape, becoming large golems of ice. The King and Queen of Soleste take to the church. It is there that they drop to their knees in prayer, begging the almighty to aid them. Their prayer answered, the Solar Goddess emerges in a flash of brilliance, only to be attacked by the icy spawns. The pale skinned, frigid hearted goddess bursts through the doors of the Chapel, a twisted smirk on her face. Then comes the vile partner, none other than the Queen's sister. As the King and Queen stand, restrained by the ice golems, this cold woman removes the crown from the queen's head and places it on her own. Then in a heartless disply, the ice goddess freezes them solid. And at last she has the golems, unmelting even at the touch of the raging sun goddess, transfer their prisoner to a cell in a dungeon far below.

In the Sea Kingdom, two young mages look to the sky at the clouds. Not yet beginning to rain down their brutal onslaught of icy death, the clouds linger. And they do the very same over countless Kingdoms. No soldiers fall yet but it is clear that something is very wrong. Within the Elix Forest, a young man dressed in black looks up to the sky, a pink haired young woman watching him in secret. On the road, a priest sees the oncoming danger as well but he is on his own mission. Within the Kingdom of the Forest, two knights fence before an heiress and her bodyguard for entertainment as the clouds approach, all four of them stopping to acknowledge the unusual summer weather. At last, the Volcanic Kingdom rests peacefully as the clouds roll in. But the darkness and chill they bring is unnatural to them, having lived on a volcano for so long, dormant or not. These events are only the beginning...The Ice War has yet to begin.
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Kingdom of Treason
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